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Display array details





details(A) displays detailed information about the array, A.

When A is a MATLAB® object array, details displays more information than the default display. This information includes:

  • Fully qualified class name, including package names

  • Link to class documentation

  • Link to handle class documentation for classes that subclass handle

  • List of all properties that have public get access

  • List of property values if the array is scalar

  • Link to list of public methods

  • Link to list of events

  • Link to list of all nonhidden superclasses


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Display object details for a class that overloads its own object display. The details function never calls overloaded display methods. Therefore, you can use this function to obtain information about the object array in all cases.

Suppose PolyNom is a class that provides a specialized default display for polynomials. Use details to display information about the object.

Create an object using the polynomial coefficients:

pn = PolyNom([1,2,3,0,4])

The overloaded disp method displays the code for evaluating the polynomial:

pn = 

x^4 + 2*x^3 + 3*x^2 + 4 

Calling the details function provides information about the object:

 PolyNom with properties:

    coef: [1 2 3 0 4]


Input Arguments

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Input array, specified as a scalar or nonscalar array of any type. The details function displays detailed information about this array.

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Introduced in R2013b