matlab.unittest.plugins.TestRunnerPlugin class

Package: matlab.unittest.plugins

Plugin interface for extending TestRunner


The TestRunnerPlugin interface enables extension of the matlab.unittest.TestRunner. To customize a test run, create a subclass of TestRunnerPlugin and override select methods. TestRunnerPlugin provides you with a default implementation, so override only methods necessary to achieve your required customization. Every method you implement must invoke its corresponding superclass method, passing along the same instance of pluginData that it receives.

To run tests with this extension, add the custom TestRunnerPlugin to the TestRunner using the addPlugin method of TestRunner.


createSharedTestFixtureExtend creation of shared test fixture instances
createTestClassInstanceExtend creation of class-level TestCase instances
createTestMethodInstanceExtend creation of method-level TestCase instances
reportFinalizedResultEnable reporting of finalized TestResults
runTestExtend running of single TestSuite element
runTestClassExtend running of TestSuite array from same class or function
runTestMethodExtend running of single Test method
runTestSuiteExtend running of TestSuite array
setupSharedTestFixtureExtend setting up shared test fixture
setupTestClassExtend setting up test class
setupTestMethodExtend setting up of test method
teardownSharedTestFixtureExtend tearing down shared test fixture
teardownTestClassExtend tearing down of test class
teardownTestMethodExtend tearing down of test method

Copy Semantics

Handle. To learn how handle classes affect copy operations, see Copying Objects.

Introduced in R2014a