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matlab.unittest.plugins Package

Summary of classes in MATLAB Plugins Interface


Plugins customize a TestRunner object. The matlab.unittest.plugins package consists of the following customized MATLAB® plugins.


Fundamental Plugin Related Interfaces

matlab.unittest.plugins.OutputStreamInterface that determines where to send text output
matlab.unittest.plugins.QualifyingPluginInterface for plugins that perform system-wide qualifications
matlab.unittest.plugins.TestRunnerPluginPlugin interface for extending TestRunner

Plugin Implementations

Diagnostic & Progress Information

matlab.unittest.plugins.DiagnosticsOutputPluginPlugin to direct diagnostics to output stream
matlab.unittest.plugins.DiagnosticsRecordingPluginPlugin to record diagnostics on test results
matlab.unittest.plugins.LoggingPluginPlugin to report diagnostic messages
matlab.unittest.plugins.TestRunProgressPluginPlugin that reports test run progress

Debugging & Qualification

matlab.unittest.plugins.DiagnosticsValidationPluginPlugin to help validate diagnostic code
matlab.unittest.plugins.FailOnWarningsPluginPlugin to fail tests that issue warnings
matlab.unittest.plugins.StopOnFailuresPluginPlugin to debug test failures

Output Formats & Continuous Integration

matlab.unittest.plugins.TAPPluginPlugin that produces Test Anything Protocol stream
matlab.unittest.plugins.XMLPluginPlugin that writes test results in XML format


matlab.unittest.plugins.CodeCoveragePluginPlugin that produces a code coverage report
matlab.unittest.plugins.TestReportPluginPlugin that produces a test result report

Output Streams

matlab.unittest.plugins.ToFileOutput stream to write text output to file
matlab.unittest.plugins.ToStandardOutputOutput stream to display text information to screen
matlab.unittest.plugins.ToUniqueFileOutput stream to write text output to unique file


matlab.unittest.plugins.codecoverageSummary of classes associated with code coverage report generation
matlab.unittest.plugins.diagnosticrecordSummary of classes associated with MATLAB Plugin Diagnostic Records
matlab.unittest.plugins.plugindataSummary of classes in MATLAB Plugin Data Interface
matlab.unittest.plugins.testreportSummary of classes in MATLAB Plugin Test Report Generation

Introduced in R2013a