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matlab.unittest.plugins.TAPPlugin class

Package: matlab.unittest.plugins

Plugin that produces Test Anything Protocol stream


The TAPPlugin creates a plugin that produces a Test Anything Protocol (TAP) stream. Using this plugin, you can integrate MATLAB® Unit Test results into third-party systems that recognize the TAP protocol. For example, you can integrate test results with continuous integration systems like Jenkins™ or TeamCity®.


Instantiate a TAPPlugin using one of its static methods.

To produce output in the original TAP format (version 12), use the producingOriginalFormat static method. To produce output with TAP version 13 format, use the producingVersion13 static method. TAP version 13 output includes test diagnostics in YAML blocks.


producingOriginalFormatConstruct TAPPlugin for original TAP format
producingVersion13Construct TAPPlugin for version 13 TAP format

Copy Semantics

Handle. To learn how handle classes affect copy operations, see Copying Objects.

Introduced in R2014a