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Start up function for MATLAB program


At startup, MATLAB® automatically executes the matlabrc function and then, if it exists, the startup function. The matlabrc function sets the default figure size and some uicontrol defaults.

On multiuser or networked systems, system administrators can put messages, definitions, or other code that applies to all users in their matlabrc file.

For individual systems, use startup to customize MATLAB startup. Put this function in the userpath folder. The matlabrc function, located in the matlabroot/toolbox/local folder, is reserved for system administrators.


Turn Off Figure Window Toolbar

If you do not want the toolbar to appear in the figure window, remove the comment marks from the following line in the matlabrc file. Alternatively, create a similar line in your own startup file.

%   set(0,'defaultfiguretoolbar','none')


You also can start MATLAB using options that you define at the command prompt or in your Microsoft® Windows® shortcut for MATLAB.