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Package: NET

Unlock .NET object representing a RunTime Callable Wrapper (COM Wrapper) so that MATLAB releases COM object


A = NET.enableAutoRelease(obj)


A = NET.enableAutoRelease(obj) releases the COM wrapper when the object goes out of scope, where obj is a .NET object representing a COM Wrapper.

Call this function only if the object was locked using NET.disableAutoRelease.


The following pseudo-code shows how to call a function (GetComApp.m, described in NET.disableAutoRelease) which returns a COM object. The object, mainObj of type NetDocTest.MyClass, has a property, MyApp. Call GetComApp to get a COM object, and use its readData method.

mainObj = NetDocTest.MyClass;
app = mainObj.MyApp;
% Unlock the COM object

Introduced in R2010b