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Return array of child group IDs



    childGrps = netcdf.inqGrps(ncid) returns all the child group IDs in the file or parent group, specified by ncid.


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    This example opens the sample netCDF file and then gets information about the groups it contains.

     ncid ="",'NOWRITE');
     childGroups = netcdf.inqGrps(ncid);

    Input Arguments

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    Identifier of a netCDF file, returned by netcdf.create or, or of a netCDF group, returned by netcdf.defGrp, specified as a nonnegative integer scalar.

    Data Types: double

    Output Arguments

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    Identifiers of child groups in the specified netCDF file or group, returned as a nonnegative integer array.

    Data Types: double


    • This function corresponds to the nc_inq_grps function in the netCDF library C API.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2010b