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(Removed) Open MATLAB Notebook in Microsoft Word software (on Microsoft Windows platforms)


notebook has been removed. To create a document that combines code, formatted text, and output, use the Live Editor instead.




notebook starts Microsoft® Word software and creates a new MATLAB® Notebook titled Document 1.


The notebook command is available only on Windows® systems that have a 32–bit version of Microsoft Word installed. The notebook command is not available for 64–bit versions of Microsoft Word.

notebook('filename') starts Microsoft Word and opens the notebook filename, where filename is either in the MATLAB current folder or is a full path. If filename does not exist, MATLAB creates a new notebook titled filename. If the file name extension is not specified, MATLAB assumes .doc.

notebook('-setup') runs an interactive setup function for MATLAB Notebook. It copies the notebook template,, to the Microsoft Word template folder, whose location MATLAB automatically determines from the Windows system registry. Upon completion, MATLAB displays a message indicating whether or not the setup was successful.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a