Change default version of Python interpreter


[version, executable, isloaded] = pyversion
___ = pyversion version
___ = pyversion executable



pyversion displays details about the current Python® version.

[version, executable, isloaded] = pyversion returns Python version information.


___ = pyversion version changes the default Python version on Microsoft® Windows® platforms. You can request any of the outputs from previous syntaxes. The setting is persistent across MATLAB® sessions.


You cannot change the version after MATLAB loads Python. To change the version if Python is loaded already, restart MATLAB, and then call pyversion.

___ = pyversion executable specifies the full path to the Python executable. You can use this syntax on any platform or for repackaged CPython implementation downloads.


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       version: '2.7'
    executable: 'C:\Python27\python.exe'
       library: 'C:\windows\system32\python27.dll'
          home: 'C:\Python27'
      isloaded: 0
[v, e, isloaded] = pyversion;
if isloaded
    disp('To change the Python version, restart MATLAB, then call pyversion.')
    pyversion 2.7

Input Arguments

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Python version number, specified as a string or character vector. The version must contain the major and minor version numbers separated by a period. (Windows platform only)

pyversion looks for the version in the Windows registry. If you download the Python application from, the installation automatically adds the version to the registry. If you download the application from a different source, you must either add it to the registry or use the pyversion(executable) syntax to change the version.

Example: 3.5

Name of an existing Python executable file, specified as a string or character vector. This argument must contain the name of the Python executable file, and it can contain the full path.

Example: C:\Python33\python.exe

Example: /usr/bin/python

Output Arguments

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Python version number, returned as a character vector.

Name of Python executable file, returned as a character vector.

Version loaded indicator specifying if this version is loaded, returned as logical. MATLAB loads Python when you type a py. command.

If MATLAB cannot load Python, isloaded is 0 and MATLAB displays Undefined variable "py" or function "py.command" when you type a py. command.


  • Do not use pyversion to set the version in a MATLAB function containing Python commands. Before MATLAB executes the pyversion function, it loads the Python interpreter when it processes a Python command in the function.

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Introduced in R2014b