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type filename displays the contents of the specified file in the MATLAB® Command Window.


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Display the contents of the file diceRoll. Since diceRoll does not exist, but diceRoll.m does exist, MATLAB displays the contents of diceRoll.m.

type diceRoll
function [d1,d2] = diceRoll
str = '@()randi([1 6],1)';
d1 = str2func(str);
d2 = eval(str);

function r = randi(~,~)
r = 1;

Input Arguments

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File name to display, specified as a character vector or a string. filename can be an absolute or relative path and can include a path and a file extension. type supports file names with these extensions.

File ExtensionDescription
.mlxMATLAB Live Script — An interactive document created using MATLAB Live Editor
.mlappMATLAB App File — An app created using MATLAB App Designer
.mMATLAB Code — A MATLAB script, function, or class

If you do not specify a file extension and a file without an extension does not exist, then type assumes that the extension is .mlx, .mlapp, or .m. For example, if a file myscript.m exists, then the command type myscript displays the contents of that file.

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Introduced in R2006a