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Profiles and file formats that VideoWriter supports


profiles = VideoWriter.getProfiles()



profiles = VideoWriter.getProfiles() returns an array of audiovideo.writer.ProfileInfo objects that indicate the types of files that VideoWriter can create.


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View available profiles and get specific information about the 'Uncompressed AVI' profile.

View profiles that VideoWriter supports.

profiles = VideoWriter.getProfiles()
  Summary of installed VideoWriter profiles:

          Name                                     Description                              
    ---------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Archival         Video file compression with JPEG 2000 codec with lossless mode enabled.
    Grayscale AVI    An AVI file with Grayscale Video Data
    Indexed AVI      An AVI file with Indexed Video Data
    Motion JPEG 2000 Video file compression with JPEG 2000 codec.
    Motion JPEG AVI  An AVI file with Motion JPEG compression
    Uncompressed AVI An AVI file with uncompressed RGB24 video data

Find the index number for the 'Uncompressed AVI' profile.

uncompAVI = find(ismember({profiles.Name},'Uncompressed AVI'));

View the properties of the 'Uncompressed AVI' profile.


    ProfileInfo Properties:

       Name:                     'Uncompressed AVI'
       Description:              'An AVI file with uncompressed RGB24 video data'
       FileExtensions:           {'.avi'}
       ColorChannels:            3
       FrameRate:                30
       VideoBitsPerPixel:        24
       VideoCompressionMethod:   'None'
       VideoFormat:              'RGB24'

Get the file extensions associated with the profile.

ext = profiles(uncompAVI).FileExtensions
ext = 1x1 cell array

Output Arguments

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Supported profiles and video file formats, returned as an array of audiovideo.writer.ProfileInfo objects, which have the following read-only properties.



Character vector indicating the profile name, such as 'Uncompressed AVI'.


Character vector indicating the description of the profile.


Cell array of character vectors containing file extensions supported by the file format.


Number of color channels in each output video frame.


Number greater than 1 that specifies the target ratio between the number of bytes in the input image and the number of bytes in the compressed image. Only applies to objects associated with Motion JPEG 2000 files. Default: 10.


Rate of playback for the video in frames per second. Default: 30.


Boolean value (logical true or false) that specifies whether to use reversible mode, so that the decompressed data is identical to the input data. When true, VideoWriter ignores values for CompressionRatio. Only applies to objects associated with Motion JPEG 2000 files.


Number of least-significant bits in the input image data, from 1 to 16. Applied only to objects associated with Motion JPEG 2000 files.


Number from 0 through 100. Higher values correspond to higher quality video and larger files. Only applies to objects associated with the MPEG-4 or Motion JPEG AVI profile. Default: 75.


Number of bits per pixel in each output video frame.


Character vector indicating the type of video compression, such as 'None' or 'Motion JPEG'.


Character vector indicating the MATLAB® representation of the video format, such as 'RGB24'.

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Introduced in R2010b

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