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Create a Course Hosted In MATLAB Grader

Courses hosted in MATLAB® Grader™ are made up of assignments that contain assessment items that you write yourself or add to your course from the MathWorks® Collections.

To create a course, you:

  • Provide details about the course, including title and description, start and end dates, and products used (described in this section).

  • Set up assignments and add assessment items.

  • Invite other instructors to collaborate (optional).

  • Enroll learners in the course.

After the course has begun, you can track learner progress and view learner submissions.

Fill Out Course Details

  1. Go to the MATLAB Grader home page.

  2. On the Courses tab, click Create Course.

  3. Enter a descriptive title for the course. For example: Basic Mathematics with MATLAB

  4. Select the time zone for the course.

    Image showing the time zone field below the course title

  5. Enter the start and end dates for the course. These dates indicate when the course is active and when learners can access the course. After the end date has passed, the course moves to the learner's Past Courses page, from which learners can still access the course.

    Image showing the course start and end date entry fields

  6. From the Products list, select the MathWorks products that you want to use for the course. When solving problems in a course, learners can use only the products you indicated.


    MATLAB is always included; you don't have to select it. For more information about selecting products for your course, see the next section.

  7. Enter a description of the course. For example, you could use the description that appears in your course catalog.

  8. Click Save.

Select Products for Courses

For each course, you can select one or more MathWorks products that MATLAB Grader uses for solution evaluation. For example, if you are teaching a course for financial data analysis, you could add the financial toolboxes to your course. When learners submit solutions using functions from these toolboxes, MATLAB Grader can evaluate them correctly.


The list of products presented is always based on the most recent release of MATLAB available. All products in the most recent release are available for use in MATLAB Grader coding problems.

To add products:

  1. Create or edit a course.

  2. Click the product selection box to view a list of available products and select a product from the list. When solving problems in a course, learners can use only the products you indicated.

    To add multiple products at a time, press and hold the Ctrl key while selecting products.

    Image showing the products selected for a course; also shows all products available to select

  3. Save the course.

You can now add Assignments to this course.

Remove Products

To remove a product from a course:

  1. Edit an existing course.

  2. Click x on the product you want to remove.

    Image showing the delete button next to an included product

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