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Share Your Collections

You can have teaching assistants or other instructors assist you with authoring MATLAB® coding problems. These participants can perform the same tasks as you, the original instructor, with one exception: they cannot delete collections they did not create.

People you share your collections with can:

  • Modify your content

  • Use your content in MATLAB Grader™ courses and LMS courses

  • See content listed on their own MATLAB Grader home pages

To add instructors:

  1. From your content, select a collection.

  2. Click Collaborate with Instructors, located at the bottom of the collections menu on the left side of the screen.

  3. Enter the email address of the instructors you want to share the collection. Separate each email address with a comma. For example:,

  4. Click Send.

    MATLAB Grader displays the status of your notifications.

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