Enter Commands

MATLAB® Mobile™ sends all commands to MATLAB running in the MathWorks®cloud for evaluation.


Your device does not perform any calculations or store any workspace variables locally.

Keyboard and Font Size on Your Device

The keyboard in the MATLAB Mobile application includes an extra row of commonly used special characters.

You can tap and hold buttons with symbols for additional characters. For example, the parentheses button provides access to brackets for array construction, as shown here on an iPod touch device.

Similarly, the semicolon key provides access to additional punctuation, as shown here on an iPad device.

The up and down arrows on the keyboard allow you to scroll through your recent commands. Alternatively, access your Command History by tapping History.

To adjust the font size for the Command Window, tap More > Settings: (iPhone and iPod devices) or (iPad devices). Then, move the Font Size slider.

File Access

To view the list of variables available in your remote session, use the whos command.


MATLAB Mobile does not support:

  • MATLAB apps such as Curve Fitting or Signal Analysis

  • Creating graphical interfaces using App Designer or GUIDE

  • Simulink® graphical environment, but the sim command is supported at the MATLAB Mobile command line

  • Interaction with 3-D figures

  • The doc command. To view function documentation, use the help command. Alternatively, open the default web browser on your device and navigate to the product documentation at