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Access worker that ran task


getCurrentWorker in the workspace of the MATLAB worker.

In the client workspace, a parallel.Worker object is available from the Worker property of a parallel.Task object.

Container Hierarchy






A parallel.Worker object provides access to the MATLAB worker session that executed a task as part of a job.


Worker TypeDescription
parallel.cluster.MJSWorkerMATLAB worker on MATLAB® Job Scheduler cluster
parallel.cluster.CJSWorkerMATLAB worker on CJS cluster


There are no methods for a parallel.Worker object other than generic methods for any objects in the workspace, such as delete, etc.


MATLAB Job Scheduler Worker

The following table describes the properties of an MATLAB Job Scheduler worker.

AllHostAddressesIP addresses of worker host
NameName of worker, set when worker session started
ParentMATLAB Job Scheduler cluster to which this worker belongs

CJS Worker

The following table describes the properties of an CJS worker.

ComputerTypeType of computer on which worker ran; the value of the MATLAB function computer executed on the worker
HostHost name where worker executed task
ProcessIdProcess identifier for worker


To get further help on either type of parallel.Worker object, including a list of links to help for its properties, type:

help parallel.cluster.MJSWorker
help parallel.cluster.CJSWorker

Introduced in R2012a