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Worker object currently running this session


worker = getCurrentWorker



The worker object that is currently evaluating the task that contains this function.


worker = getCurrentWorker returns the Parallel.Worker object representing the MATLAB worker session that is currently evaluating the task function that contains this call.

If the function runs in a MATLAB® session that is not a worker, it returns an empty result.


Find the Host property of a worker that runs a task. The file identifyWorkerHost.m contains the following function code.

function localHost = identifyWorkerHost()
  thisworker = getCurrentWorker; % Worker object
  localHost = thisworker.Host;   % Host property

Create a job with a task to execute this function on a worker and return the worker’s host name. This example manually attaches the necessary code file.

c = parcluster();
j = createJob(c);
j.AttachedFiles = {'identifyWorkerHost.m'};
t = createTask(j,@identifyWorkerHost,1,{});
workerhost = fetchOutputs(j)

Introduced before R2006a