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Investigate the Cause of Empty Results List

This topic shows how to interpret an empty results list in the Polyspace Access web interface and the Polyspace Platform user interface. To see how to interpret a similar empty list in the user interface of the Polyspace desktop products, see Investigate the Cause of Empty Results List (Polyspace Bug Finder).

When you review results from a Polyspace® Bug Finder™ or Polyspace Bug Finder Server™ analysis, the Results List pane can be empty or it can display this message:

No results available for currently selected filters, 
or no results available for the selected project.

The message can indicate that your code has no defect or coding rule violation. However, before you reach this conclusion:

  1. Open the Run Log pane by going to Window > Run Log.

  2. Maximize the pane by double-clicking the Run Log tab, then use CTRL-F to check for the following.

    • Did all your source files compile?

      Search for Failed compilation

      If a file does not compile, Bug Finder can return some results, but only files with no compilation errors are fully analyzed.

    • Did you include all your source files in your project?

      Search for verifying sources ...

      Make sure that all the files that you want to analyze are listed under this message.

  3. Open the Configuration Used pane by going to Window > Configuration Used, then:

    • Verify that the appropriate options are activated to check for coding standards violations and to compute code metrics.

    • Check if the -fast-analysis option is activated. Bug Finder checks for only a subset of defects and coding rules in fast analysis mode.

    • Click Checkers to see a list all the defects and coding rules checkers selected for this analysis.

  4. Check whether you are applying any filters to the results.

    To see which filters you are applying to the results, see the filter bar below the FAMILY FILTERS section of the toolstrip. To clear all applied filters, click the eraser icon.

If you review results for an analysis you did not configure, discuss the possible causes of an empty results list with the project owner. If you use polyspace-configure as part of your analysis workflow, the Run Log and Configuration Used panes might not contain all the analysis configuration parameters. For more information on analysis options and project configuration, see the documentation for Polyspace Bug Finder or Polyspace Bug Finder Server.

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