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Calculate current at feed port

Since R2021b



feedCurrent(rfpcbobject,frequency) calculates the current in A/m at the feed port of a PCB component at the specified frequency. The feed current when multiplied by the PCB impedance gives the voltage across the PCB component.

feedCurrent(___,Name=Value) calculates the feed current at the feed port of the PCB component using additional name-value arguments.


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Create a rat-race coupler with default properties.

coupler = couplerRatrace;

Set the feed voltage and phase at the ports of the rat-race coupler:

v = voltagePort(4);
v.FeedVoltage = [1 0 1 0];
v.FeedPhase = [90 0 270,0];

Calculate the feed current at 3 GHz.

If = feedCurrent(coupler,3e9)
If = 1×4 complex

   0.0062 + 0.0005i   0.0002 - 0.0012i  -0.0004 - 0.0005i  -0.0003 + 0.0007i

Input Arguments

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PCB component object, specified as an RF PCB object. For a complete list of the PCB components and shapes, see PCB Components Catalog and Custom Geometry and PCB Fabrication.

Frequency to calculate the feed current, specified as a scalar integer in Hz or as a vector with each element specified in Hz.

Name-Value Arguments

Example: excitation='2'

Excitation using as voltage source, specified function handle from the voltagePort function.

Data Types: char | function_handle

Version History

Introduced in R2021b