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Lane Marking Tool

Add linear markings to lane boundaries


The Lane Marking Tool adds linear markings to lane boundaries. To assign marking styles to a lane marking, you must first create some marking styles in the Asset Browser. The RoadRunner sample project has several common marking styles pre-defined in the Assets/Markings directory. You can create and modify your own marking styles and add them to the project as well.

Open the Lane Marking Tool

On the RoadRunner toolbar, click the Lane Marking Tool button:

Lane Marking Tool button


Create and Modify Lane Markings Along a Lane

See Span Editing.


Lane marking spans store Lane Marking Assets data, which can be directly dragged onto a lane span from the Library Browser. This operation works in any tool. The Lane Marking Tool is activated when the mouse is released.


See Marking Curve Tool attributes.

Introduced in R2020a