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Prop Model Assets

Define external 3D model files to add to scene


Prop Model Asset sample

Prop model assets reference external 3D model files that can be placed within the scene.

Refer to Props and Signs for details on adding prop model assets to the scene.


Create an asset outside of RoadRunner by using one of the supported file formats shown. Then, drag the file into the RoadRunner Library Browser. For more details on creating, editing, and deleting assets, see Create, Import, and Modify Assets.

Supported Formats

  • glTF™ (.gltf, .glb)

  • Filmbox (.fbx)

  • OpenFlight (.flt)

  • OpenSceneGraph (.osg, .osgt, .osgb, .ive)

  • Wavefront (.obj)


Sample Attributes pane for a prop model asset

All prop assets have a set of options that affect the way the props are placed. For example, some props will always align vertically, such as a traffic signal. Other props will align to the surface they are placed on, such as a garbage can sitting on a sloped sidewalk. (This option can be toggled on a prop-by-prop basis.) Other options include the ability to randomly rotate the prop around the vertical axis, which is useful for varying the orientation of trees and plants.

To set the default attributes for a particular prop asset, first select the prop in the Asset Browser. The prop's attributes will then appear in the Attributes pane, where they can be interactively adjusted.

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