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Scene Builder Tool

Generate 3D scenes from HERE HD Live Map data


To import, inspect, and build scenes from HERE HD Live Map data, use the Scene Builder Tool. After building the scene, you can edit and export the scene by using other RoadRunner capabilities.

HERE HD Live Map, developed by HERE Technologies, is a cloud-based web service that enables you to access highly accurate, continuously updated map data. The data is composed of tiled map layers containing information such as the topology and geometry of roads and lanes and scene objects such as signs, poles, and barriers.

The Scene Builder Tool is part of RoadRunner Scene Builder, an add-on product that requires an addition to your RoadRunner license. For more details, see Get RoadRunner Updates and Upgrades. You also need to enter into a separate agreement with HERE Technologies to gain access to HERE HD Live Map data and to get the required Marketplace credentials (Access Key ID and Access Key Secret).

Open the Scene Builder Tool

On the RoadRunner toolbar, click the Scene Builder Tool button:

Scene Builder Tool button


View HERE HD Live Map Scene Data for Visual Reference

View HERE HD Live Map data in RoadRunner for an area in Santa Clara, California. You can use this data as a visual reference to manually create roads on or around it.

Choose Area of Interest

Specify an area of interest by using the World Settings Tool.

For this example, specify the world origin latitude as 37.4156 degrees and the world origin longitude as -121.9749 degrees. Specify the X and Y workspace extents as 750 meters. Apply your changes by clicking Apply World Changes.

Import and Explore Data

Open the Scene Builder Tool from the toolbar. Then, import the data by clicking the Import Data for Area button from the toolbar on the left.

Before you import the data, enter the credentials that you obtained from HERE Technologies. Enter a valid Access Key ID and Access Key Secret, then click OK. The credentials are saved for the rest of your RoadRunner session on your machine. To save your credentials for future RoadRunner sessions on your machine, in the dialog box, select Save my credentials. The credentials remain saved until you delete them.

The Scene Builder Tool imports HERE HD Live Map data from HERE tiles that intersect your workspace, converts the data into a preview called a Transfer Map, and displays the Transfer Map in the scene editing canvas. The Transfer Map displays scene objects as blue points and colors according to the confidence classification of the road data. For more information about classification, contact HERE Technologies.

Roads displayed in green, yellow, red, and gray colors, and objects displayed as blue points

Explore the imported data by selecting control points, lane boundaries, lanes, and lane groups. You can view information such as classification, ID, and lane length from the Attributes pane.

You can manually create on or around this data. Alternatively, if you have a RoadRunner Scene Builder license, click Build Scene to builds roads directly from the data.

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You can view the Transfer Map while using a different tool by selecting View > Transfer Map from the menu bar. Transfer Maps do not persist between RoadRunner sessions.

Introduced in R2020b