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Screenshot Tool

Generate and save image of current camera view


The Screenshot Tool generates and saves an image of the current camera view. The dimensions of the screenshot can be set independently of the dimensions of the actual viewport. This allows for full control over the resolution and aspect ratio of the image without being limited to the resolution of the monitor. The Screenshot Tool also allows control over the camera field of view.

Open the Screenshot Tool

On the RoadRunner toolbar, click the Screenshot Tool button:

Screenshot Tool button


Generate a Screenshot

  1. Click the Screenshot Tool button.

  2. Adjust the resolution and field of view as desired through the Attributes pane.

  3. Click the Take Screenshot button on the Attributes pane.

  4. Specify the file name and location in the File Save dialog box and click Save.

Generate a Quick Screenshot

  1. Open any tool with the desired camera position. Quick screenshots use the current viewport settings and resolution.

  2. Either select Tools > Quick Screenshot from the menu bar or press Ctrl+P.

  3. Specify the file name and location in the file save dialog box and click Save.

Introduced in R2020a