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Sidewalk Height Tool

Modify sidewalk and curb heights


The Sidewalk Height Tool enables you to modify the heights of sidewalks and curb heights along a road. You can modify these heights along the entire length of a road or at arbitrary points along a road.

Open the Sidewalk Height Tool

On the RoadRunner toolbar, click the Sidewalk Height Tool button:

Sidewalk Height Tool button


Modify Height of Sidewalk

  1. Create a straight road segment by using the Road Plan Tool. Zoom in on one side of the road and rotate the camera so that part of the sidewalk is clearly in view.

    One edge of a straight road with the sidewalk in view

  2. Click the Sidewalk Height Tool button. The sidewalk lane becomes selectable, as indicated by a purple line above the sidewalk.

    Road with sidewalk selectable

  3. Click the sidewalk lane to select it. Then, in the Attributes pane, set the Offset attribute to 0.5 meters. The height of the sidewalk increases along the entire road edge.

    Road with increased sidewalk height

  4. Double-click along the selected sidewalk lane to add three evenly spaced sidewalk height nodes.

    Sidewalk with three height nodes

  5. Select the outer nodes and, in the Attributes pane, set the Offset to 0.1 meters. The sidewalk now has a slope at the center node, which still has a height of 0.5 meters.

    Sidewalk that slopes down from the center node

  6. Drag the center node between the outer nodes. The sidewalk height changes as you drag the center node. You cannot drag a sidewalk height node past other height nodes or past the start or end of a lane.

    Center sidewalk height node dragged closer to one of the outer nodes

Introduced in R2021a