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Install and Activate RoadRunner

RoadRunner is an interactive editor that lets you design 3D scenes for simulating and testing automated driving systems.

The procedures in this topic are for a single RoadRunner computer installation or update/upgrade on Windows® or Linux®. These procedures can be performed by an individual license holder or by an end user or administrator with a network license.

Follow these procedures to install RoadRunner for the first time, update an installed release of RoadRunner, or upgrade an installed release of RoadRunner to a new release.

Network License Administrators

Before you or your end users install RoadRunner, perform the following tasks:

  • Install the network license manager. See Install Network License Manager for RoadRunner.

  • Download the network license file and the platform-specific product installer and save them to removable media or a network location. You will need to give these items to your end users for them to install on their own computers.

Verify System Requirements

Before you install RoadRunner, check that your system meets these required specifications.

SpecificationRecommendedMinimum Requirement
Operating System

Windows: Windows 10 x64

Linux: Ubuntu® 16.04+

Windows: Windows 10 x64

Linux: Ubuntu 16.04

CPUIntel® or AMD® x86-64 processor with four logical cores operating at 3.5 GHz or higherIntel or AMD x86-64 processor operating at 2.5 GHz or higher
Memory16 GB8 GB
Video CardNVIDIA® GTX 1060 3 GBOpenGL® 3.2-compatible with 1 GB VRAM
DiskSSD hard drive2 GB available disk space

Get License and Product Installer

Use an Individual License

Get your RoadRunner license by following these steps.

  1. Go to the License Center on the MathWorks® website.

    If prompted, sign in to your MathWorks Account.

  2. Click the RoadRunner license in your account.

  3. On the Install and Activate tab, click Activate a Computer.

  4. In the form displayed, enter all requested information. When finished, click Submit.

  5. Download or email the license file and save it to a folder on the computer where you will install RoadRunner.

Next, download the product installer by following these steps.

  1. Sign in to your MathWorks Account on the MathWorks website.

  2. Under My Software, click the down arrow next to your RoadRunner license.

    This action takes you to the Downloads page where you can find the download RoadRunner link. If you see Get Latest Release, click Download R2021a to get to the right page..

  3. Under Additional Product Downloads, click Get R2021a RoadRunner.

  4. Download the platform-specific installer to the computer on which you want to install RoadRunner.

Use a Network License

  • End Users — Get the license file and platform-specific installer from your license administrator and copy them to the computer where you are installing RoadRunner.

  • Network/License Administrators — Give end user the platform-specific installer (or provide access on a network share) and the modified network license. See Step 3. Configure Network License for instructions on configuring the network license for end user access to RoadRunner software.

Install RoadRunner

For RoadRunner installation, GUI installation is available for Windows and GUI and command line methods are available on Linux platforms. Installation instructions vary based on the platform and method you choose.

Platform and Installation MethodInstructions
Windows GUI
  1. Double-click the downloaded product installer.

  2. Follow all prompts to complete installation.

Linux GUI
  1. Double-click the .deb file that you just downloaded.

  2. Click Install and follow all prompts.

Linux command line
  1. Open a command prompt.

  2. Enter the following command, replacing release_number with the current release number:

    sudo dpkg -i RoadRunner/ release_number.deb

    For example, for the R2021a release, use this command:

    sudo dpkg -i RoadRunner_R2021a_glnxa64.deb

  3. Follow all prompts to complete installation.

Activate License

Before you can use RoadRunner, you must activate the license. Follow these steps to install an individual or network RoadRunner license on your computer.


If you do not have a license, see Get License and Product Installer.

  1. On your desktop, launch RoadRunner and follow all prompts.

    • Windows — Launch RoadRunner from the shortcut on the desktop or Start Menu.

    • Linux — Launch RoadRunner from the installed shortcut. To find this shortcut, click Home and type "roadrunner" in the text field or go to "/usr/share/applications".

  2. When prompted for a license file, enter the path to the license file from Get License and Product Installer.

  3. Follow any additional prompts to complete activation.

Create a New Project and Scene

After you install and activate RoadRunner, you can now create a project to get started creating scenes.

RoadRunner uses a project folder to store the assets (materials, models, and so on) that you can use within the application. If you do not already have an existing project, you need to create one. See RoadRunner Project and Scene System.

After following the previous instruction, RoadRunner opens to a new blank scene.

To get started, you can use the Road Plan Tool to create your first road. Alternatively, use one of the other tools to start creating your scene. For more on getting started, see the Getting Started with RoadRunner video series.

If you experience rendering issues or crashes on startup, see Graphics and Startup Issues for troubleshooting help.

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