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Generate and format tables

Create and format formal tables, informal tables, tables constructed from MATLAB® tables, and tables that have a numbered title. See Choose Type of Table to Create.


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mlreportgen.dom.RepeatAsHeaderRowRepeat table row
mlreportgen.dom.TableColSpecFormatting for one or more adjacent table columns
mlreportgen.dom.TableColSpecGroupDefine style for group of table columns
mlreportgen.dom.ColSepDraw lines between table columns
mlreportgen.dom.RowHeightHeight of table row
mlreportgen.dom.RowSepDraw lines between table rows
mlreportgen.dom.AllowBreakAcrossPagesAllow row to straddle page break
mlreportgen.dom.BorderBorder properties of object
mlreportgen.dom.BorderCollapseCollapse HTML table borders
mlreportgen.dom.TextOrientationOrientation of text in a table entry
mlreportgen.dom.ResizeToFitContentsAllow table to resize its columns
mlreportgen.dom.HAlignSpecify horizontal alignment of document object
mlreportgen.dom.VAlignVertical alignment of document object


Choose Type of Table to Create

Decide which DOM or Report API class to use for a table in a report.

Format Tables

Format tables by using template-based styles or programmatically by using format properties and objects.

Create a Table from a Cell Array

Simplify table creation by modeling the table as a cell array.

Create a Zebra-Striped Table

Create striped table with alternating row colors.

Create a Dynamic Table

Create a table whose size you do not know before run time.

Side-By-Side Tables

Arrange tables next to each other on a page.

Fit Wide Tables in a Page

Slice a wide table to fit on a page.

Span a Table Entry Across Rows and Columns

Set table entry to span across rows or columns.

Set Table Column Width

Set table column widths.

Format Numbers in a Table

Format numbers in a table using an mlreportgen.dom.NumberFormat object.

Align Table Entry Content Horizontally

Use format properties and objects to align table entry content.

Excel to PDF

Create a PDF report from a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet.