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Disable inclusion of code generator provided (generated or static) main.c source file during build



setTargetProvidesMain(buildinfo,providesmain) disables the code generator from including a sample main.c source file.

To replace the sample main.c file from the code generator with a custom main.c file, call the setTargetProvidesMain function during the 'after_tlc' case in the ert_make_rtw_hook.m or grt_make_rtw_hook.m file.


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To apply the setTargetProvidesMain function:

Add buildInfo to the arguments in the function call.

function ert_make_rtw_hook(hookMethod,Name,rtwroot, ...

Add the setTargetProvidesMain function to the 'after_tlc' stage.

case 'after_tlc'
 % Called just after to invoking TLC Compiler (actual code generation.)
 % Valid arguments at this stage are hookMethod, Name, and
 % buildArgs, buildInfo

Use the Configuration Parameters > Code Generation > Custom Code > Source Files field to add your custom main.c to the . When you indicate that the target provides main.c, the requires this file to build without errors.

Input Arguments

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The providesmain argument specifies whether the code generator includes a (generated or static) main.c source file.

  • false — The code generator includes a sample main.obj object file.

  • true — The target provides the main.c source file.

Introduced in R2009a