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Automatic Transmission with a Dual Clutch

The Vehicle with Dual Clutch Transmission example model illustrates important points about both physical and control design modeling using the Simscape™ and Simscape Driveline™ environment and libraries.

The model represents an automatic transmission with two clutches. In an automatic transmission, an engine management subsystem decides when to change gear ratio and what the next gear ratio is. The pedal deflection imposed by a vehicle driver is converted into a demanded engine torque. The torque demanded and the current forward vehicle speed together determine which gear ratio the transmission switches to before it actually switches (gear preselection). By gradually lowering the clutch pressure, the transmission control system smoothly unlocks and disengages the clutch configuration for the current gear ratio. At the same time, the control system gradually raises the clutch pressures to achieve the new gear ratio by engaging and locking the new clutch configuration.

  • The physical components of the transmission, from the engine, gears, and clutches, to the vehicle body and tire, are modeled using Simscape Driveline blocks, with physical ports and connections.

  • The algorithmic control of the transmission, including the gear-switching and transmission control, is modeled using normal Simulink® blocks, with signal ports, signal lines, and enabled subsystems.

Vehicle with Dual Clutch Model

Predefined Simulation Options

The model is also set up to allow you to switch between two common simulation configurations. To configure the model to simulate with a variable-step global solver or a fixed-step local solver, click the links in the description.

You can directly adjust all the solver options by opening the model Configuration Parameters and the network Solver Configuration property inspector.

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