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Equivalent Baseband Simulation

Simulate single-carrier RF chains of 2-port cascades

Use the RF Blockset™ equivalent baseband block library to perform discrete-time simulations of single-carrier cascaded networks. You can use these blocks in digital signal processing to estimate the impact of RF phenomena on overall system performances.


  • Cascaded Subsystems
    2-port amplifiers, mixers, and lumped-element passive filters; series and shunt resistors, capacitors, and inductors; coaxial, waveguide, microstrip, parallel-plate, RLCG, and two-wire transmission lines
  • Network Parameter Data
    Importing and exporting S-parameters, Y-parameters, Z-parameters, and Touchstone data files; noise data, nonlinearity data
  • Visualization
    Log-log plots, semilog plots, and Smith® Charts from network data; transfer functions
  • Applications
    Radar systems, nonlinear amplifiers, and user defined models