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Deployment and Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Interfaces and workflows for real time simulation

Simscape™ Battery™ includes Simscape blocks to connect to real-time hardware inputs and outputs. When you use these blocks with real-time hardware, you can easily connect your battery simulations to a real-world battery balancing hardware. Use this capability to help design and verify your battery balancing algorithms and to ensure that they work correctly during regular operations and adequately detect degraded operation or ride through faults.

You can develop and test battery balancing strategies by simulating your custom battery blocks with the blocks in the Battery Management System library of Simscape Battery. Options on the physical blocks enable you to assume ideal thermal measurements, thermal estimation or state-of-charge estimation algorithms until you have designed and implemented actual thermal measurements or state-of-charge algorithms.

Simscape Blocks

Active InterfaceActive interface between battery and cell supervisory circuit (Since R2022b)
Passive InterfacePassive interface between battery and cell supervisory circuit (Since R2022b)
Passive Balancing InterfaceInterface for cell balancing between battery and cell supervisory circuit (Since R2024a)
arrayOfElectricalNodesConnectorConcatenate arrays of electrical nodes into single array of electrical nodes port (Since R2024a)