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Archive Projects

To package and share project files, you can export all project files to an archive file. For example, you can share an archived project with people who do not have access to the connected source control tool.

  1. With a project loaded, on the Project tab, select Share > Archive.

  2. (Optional) To export only the specified files, choose an Export profile.

  3. If you have referenced projects and want to export the referenced project files, then select the Include referenced projects check box.

  4. Click Save As.

  5. Use the file browser to specify a file path in the File name field. By default, the file myProjectName.mlproj is created in the current working folder. You can choose the file type project archive (.mlproj) or zip file.

If you want to exclude files from the archive, create an export profile to exclude files with particular labels.

  1. Create labels and add them to the project files you want to exclude. See Create Labels.

  2. Specify an export profile. On the Project tab, select Share > Manage Export Profiles.

    1. Click + and specify a name for the export profile.

    2. In the Files pane, click + and select the labels for the files you do not want to export, and click OK. You can also choose not to export custom labels.

    3. Click Apply and close the Manage Export Profiles dialog box.

  3. When you share the project to an archive, in the Export profile list, select the name of your export profile to export only the specified files.


    Export profiles do not apply changes to referenced projects. When you share your project, MATLAB® exports the entire referenced projects.

Before sharing projects with other users, it can be useful to examine the required add-ons for your project. See Find Required Products and Add-Ons.

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