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Project File Management

Search, label, batch process, share, and upgrade project files, and create scripts

Projects help you to organize large modeling projects by finding required files, managing and sharing files and settings, and interacting with source control. See What Are Projects? and watch Using Projects to Collaborate, Track, and Merge Changes and Perform Code Reviews (4 min, 50 sec).


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currentProjectGet current project
addLabelAttach label to project file
addPathAdd folder to project path
addReferenceAdd referenced project to project
addShortcutAdd shortcut to project
createCategoryCreate category of project labels
createLabelCreate project label
exportExport project to archive
findCategoryFind project category of labels
findFileFind single project file by name
findLabelGet project file label
isLoadedDetermine if project is loaded
reloadReload project
removeCategoryRemove project category of labels
removeLabelRemove label from project
runChecksRun all project checks (Since R2020a)
matlab.project.isUnderProjectRootDetermine whether file or folder is under project root folder (Since R2023a)
matlab.project.isFileInProjectDetermine whether file or folder belongs to project (Since R2023b)

Legacy API

simulinkproject(Not recommended) Open project and get project object
slproject.loadProject(Not recommended) Load project
slproject.getCurrentProjects(Not recommended) List all top-level projects



Frequent Tasks

File Management

File Labels

  • Create Labels
    In a project, use labels to organize files and communicate information to project users.
  • Add Labels to Files
    In a project, use labels to organize files and communicate information to project users.
  • View and Edit Label Data
    When you select a file in the project Files view, the file labels appear in the label editor view.

Custom Task Processing

Share Projects

  • Archive Projects
    Package and share project files in an archive file, for example to share with others who do not have access to the connected source control tool.
  • Share Project by Email
    To package and share project files on Windows®, you can email your project as an archive file.
  • Share Project as a MATLAB Toolbox
    To package and share project files, create a MATLAB toolbox from your project.
  • Share Project on GitHub
    To share your project, make your project publicly available on GitHub®.

Upgrade Projects

Test Projects

About Projects

  • What Are Projects?
    Use projects to help you organize your work. Find all your required files; manage and share files, settings, and user-defined tasks; and interact with source control.
  • What Can You Do with Project Shortcuts?
    In a project, use shortcuts to make it easy for any project user to find and access important files and operations.
  • Sharing Projects
    Collaborate by sharing projects by email, archive file, template, MATLAB toolbox, or on GitHub.