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Modify Sample Times for Nonvirtual Buses

Unlike virtual buses, which can combine signals that have different sample times, all of the signals in a nonvirtual bus must have the same sample time.

To group signals with different sample times in a nonvirtual bus, make the sample times of the input signals the same by inserting Rate Transition blocks.

Suppose a model creates a nonvirtual bus using a Bus Creator block. To standardize the sample time of the input signals, the model uses three Rate Transition blocks before the Bus Creator block.

Suppose another model converts a virtual bus to a nonvirtual bus using a root-level Outport block. To standardize the sample time of the elements of the virtual bus, the model uses a single Rate Transition block before the Outport block.

Alternatively, specify the same sample time at each block that generates an element of the bus.


To output a multirate virtual bus from a model, use Out Bus Element blocks.

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