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Advisor.authoring.NegativeModelParameterConstraint class

Package: Advisor.authoring

Create a Model Advisor constraint to check for unsupported model parameter values


Instances of Advisor.authoring.NegativeModelParameterConstraint class define unsupported values for specified model parameters.


constraint = Advisor.authoring.NegativeModelParameterConstraint creates an instance of this class.


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Unique identifier for the negative model parameter constraint. This property is read/write.

Model parameter for which you are specifying a constraint. This property is read/write.

List of unsupported values for the model parameter specified by the ParameterName field. This property is read/write.

IDs of constraints that you specify as prerequisites by using the addPreRequisiteConstraintID method. If a prerequisite is not satisfied, the Model Advisor does not check the constraint that has the prerequisite. This property is read-only.


Specify Unsupported Model Parameter Value

These commands specify that the MaxType parameter does not support a value of zero:


Introduced in R2018a