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Model Advisor Checks for ISO 26262, ISO 25119, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, and EN 50128/EN 50657 Industry Standards

You can use the Simulink® Check™ Model Advisor to check that your model or subsystem complies with selected aspects of these standards:

To execute these checks, open the Model Advisor and run the checks in these folders.

  • By Task > Modeling Standards for ISO 26262

  • By Task > Modeling Standards for ISO 25119

  • By Task > Modeling Standards for IEC 61508

  • By Task > Modeling Standards for IEC 62304

  • By Task > Modeling Standards for ISO 25119

  • By Task > Modeling Standards for EN 50128/EN 50657

Execution of these checks requires Embedded Coder®, Simulink Check, Simulink Design Verifier™, or Requirements Toolbox™.

For the list of Model Advisor checks that are qualified for use by the IEC Certification Kit, see Simulink Check - Trace Matrix (mathworks_slchk_trace.xlsx). This artifact is available in the certification project that you create for Simulink Check. For more information, see Create a Tool-Specific Certification Project (IEC Certification Kit).


If your model uses model referencing, run qualified checks on all referenced models before running them on the top-level model.

Model Advisor SubfolderModel Advisor CheckCheck ID
N/ADisplay configuration management datamathworks.iec61508.MdlVersionInfo
Display model metrics and complexity reportmathworks.iec61508.MdlMetricsInfo
Check for unconnected objectsmathworks.iec61508.UnconnectedObjects
Display model version informationmathworks.do178.MdlChecksum
High-Integrity SystemsSee Model Advisor Checks for High-Integrity Systems Modeling Guidelines
SimulinkIdentify unconnected lines, input ports, and output
Library LinksIdentify unresolved library
Requirements ConsistencySee Model Advisor Checks for Requirements Links
Bug ReportsSee Bug Report Checks (IEC Certification Kit)