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Simulink.CloneDetection.ReplacementResults Class

Namespace: Simulink.CloneDetection

Results of replace clones

Since R2021a


Use objects of the Simulink.CloneDetection.ReplacementResults class to view the results of a clone replacement operation.



The Simulink.CloneDetection.replaceClones function creates an object of the Simulink.CloneDetection.ReplacementResults class when executed. You can use this object as the input argument of the Simulink.CloneDetection.checkEquivalency function.


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Name list of the replaced clones and reference subsystem, specified as array of character vector.

  • Name — Name of the replaced subsystem clone

  • ReferenceSubsystem — Subsystem used to replace clone

Name list of the excluded clones and reason for exclusion, specified as array of character vector.

  • Name — Name of the excluded subsystem clone

  • ReasonForExclusion — Reason for excluding from clone replacement


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This example shows how to analyze the results of replace clones operation.

The replace clones function stores the information in cloneReplacementResults object.

  1. cloneReplacementResults = Simulink.CloneDetection.replaceClones(cloneResults)
    cloneReplacementResults = 
      ReplacementResults with properties:
        ReplacedClones: [1×5 struct]
        ExcludedClones: {}
  2. To view the ReplacedClones field.

      ans =
        1×5 struct array with fields:

Version History

Introduced in R2021a