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Represent executable in real-time kernel

Since R2023b


An RT.Executable object represents an executable in the real-time kernel.


Use the loadExecutable function to load an executable in the real-time kernel. Typically, an executable is created by loading the compiled model. It is unusual to load directly by calling RT.Executable or loadExecutable.


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The Parent property provides the name of the kernel object that is the parent of the RT.Executable object.

The CodeSize property provides the code size in bytes of the executable.

The DataSize property provides the data size in bytes of the executable.

Object Functions

loadExecutableLoad executable into real-time kernel


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This example shows how to get driver property values for an RT.Executable object.

Create a variable that represents the real-time executable that you compile from the model, then get the Parent property value.

myExecutable = loadExecutable(RT.Kernel,'sldrtex_counter.rxw64');
ans = 

  Kernel with properties:

               Version: [23 2 0 0]
    TargetArchitecture: 'win64'
                Timers: [1×0 RT.Timer]
               Drivers: [1×1 RT.Driver]
           Executables: [1×1 RT.Executable]

Version History

Introduced in R2023b