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Install Simulink Real-Time Software Updates

The general procedure for updating Simulink® Real-Time™ is:

  1. Navigate to the MathWorks® download page:

  2. Navigate to the page for the Simulink Real-Time software version that you want. Download the software version to your development computer.

  3. Install and integrate the new release software.

After updating Simulink Real-Time, to re-create your Simulink Real-Time target settings:

  1. In the MATLAB® Command Window, type slrtExplorer.

  2. On the Targets Tree pane, select a target computer node.

  3. Click the Target Configuration tab.

  4. Click Change IP Address and select the IP Address and Netmask for communication method between your development and target computer. For more information, see Target Computer Settings. Click OK.

  5. Click the Disconnected link, toggling it to Connected.

  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each target computer.

  7. Build each model that you want to execute. In the Simulink Editor, on the Real-Time tab, click Run on Target.

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