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Import, Update, and Export Requirements

Integrate Requirements Toolbox™ with third-party requirements management tools

Integrate Requirements Toolbox with third-party requirements management tools to import requirements from external sources, update imported requirements when you make changes in the third-party tool, and export requirements to third-party tools. You can import the requirements and manage them with Requirements Toolbox or import the requirements as referenced requirements and manage the requirements in the third-party tool.

You can import requirements from external applications such as Microsoft® Word, Microsoft Excel®, IBM® DOORS®, and IBM DOORS Next, and other applications that can export requirements using the ReqIF™ format. You can also export requirements from Requirements Toolbox to a ReqIF file.


Requirements EditorCreate and edit requirements


Profile EditorCreate and manage profiles with stereotypes and properties (Since R2019a)


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slreq.ReqSet Work with requirement sets
slreq.Reference Work with external requirement proxy objects
slreq.callback.CustomImportOptionsCustom import options (Since R2022a)
slreq.callback.DOORSImportOptionsIBM DOORS import options (Since R2022a)
slreq.callback.MSExcelImportOptionsMicrosoft Excel import options (Since R2022a)
slreq.callback.MSWordImportOptionsMicrosoft Word import options (Since R2022a)
slreq.callback.ReqIFImportOptionsReqIF import options (Since R2022a)


ExportOptionsOptions for exporting requirements to ReqIF files (Since R2023a)
slreq.ViewView settings (Since R2022b)


slreq.clearClear requirements and links from memory
slreq.closeRequirementsManagerClose Requirements Manager app in model (Since R2021a)
slreq.convertAnnotationConvert annotations to requirement objects
slreq.editorOpen Requirements Editor
slreq.exportExport requirements as ReqIF files (Since R2023a)
slreq.exportViewSettingsExport view settings
slreq.findFind requirement, reference, and link set artifacts
slreq.getCurrentImportOptionsGet import options in PreImportFcn callback (Since R2022a)
slreq.getCurrentObjectGet selected objects in Requirements Editor, Requirements Browser, or Requirements Table block (Since R2021a)
slreq.getNavigationFcnGet registered navigation function for referenced requirements (Since R2019a)
slreq.importImport requirements from external documents
slreq.importViewSettingsImport view settings
slreq.loadLoad requirement set or link set
slreq.openOpen requirement set
slreq.openRequirementsManagerOpen Requirements Manager app in model (Since R2021a)
slreq.registerNavigationFcnRegister navigation function for referenced requirements (Since R2019a)
slreq.resetViewSettingsReset saved view settings
slreq.updateReqIfMappingsRefresh registered custom ReqIF import mappings (Since R2023b)
importFromDocumentImport editable requirements from external documents
updateFromDocumentUpdate referenced requirements from external requirements document (Since R2019a)
updateReferencesUpdate referenced requirements in requirement set