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Import and Update Requirements from a Microsoft Word Document

This example shows you how to import and update requirements from Microsoft® Word requirement documents. The model demonstrates a simple two-button switch that passes through outputs only when one switch is pressed at a time.

This functionality is available only on Microsoft Windows® platforms.

This example uses a Microsoft Word document, Reject_Double_Button_Press_Model_Requirements.docx. This document contains a set of functional requirements for the rejectDoublePress model. Open the document from matlab/examples/slrequirements. The requirements in the document appear in outline format with custom bookmarks for navigation. To get the best results while importing and updating requirements, set up your Microsoft Word documents with document outlines and custom bookmarks.

Open the model.


Import Requirements

  1. In the Apps tab, click Requirements Manager. In the Requirements tab, click Requirements Editor.

  2. In the Requirements Editor, click Import.

  3. Select Microsoft Word document from the Document type menu. Click Browse and select Reject_Double_Button_Press_Model_Requirements.docx as the Document location.

  4. Under Content select Plain text. Under Requirement Identification, select Use bookmarks to identify items and serve as custom IDs and Ignore outline numbers in section headers. Leave Allow updates from external source checked. For more information on import options, see Import Options for Microsoft Word Documents.

The requirements from the Microsoft Word document are imported into the destination requirement set under a top-level node, Import1.

Update Referenced Requirements

Requirements that you import as referenced requirements retain their references to the source requirements document. To change your imported requirements, you can make the changes in the source document and update your requirement set from within Simulink® Requirements™.

  1. In the Reject_Double_Button_Press_Model_Requirements.docx document, add a new requirement: 2.1.5 The Red and Green Button outputs shall be 0 if no buttons are pressed.

  2. In Microsoft Word, click Insert > Bookmark. Create a bookmark called Red_and_Green_Button_Output_2_1_5 for the new requirement and save the Microsoft Word document.

  3. In the Requirements Editor, select the top-level node (Import1) of the destination requirement set. In the Details pane under Requirement Interchange, click Update to update the referenced requirements.

  4. Select Import1 and view the changes in the Comments side bar. The Revision number and the UpdatedOn values are updated for the requirement set.

For more information on updating requirements, see Update Imported Requirements.

Unlock Referenced Requirements

You can also edit a referenced requirement by unlocking it. In the Requirements Editor, select the referenced requirement that you want to edit. In the Details pane, under Properties click Unlock. You can unlock all referenced requirements in the requirement set by selecting the import node and in the Details pane, under Requirement Interchange click Unlock All.

If you want to revert changes that you made to a requirement after unlocking it, you can update your referenced requirements. Select the top-level node (Import1) of the destination requirement set. In the Details pane under Requirement Interchange, click Update to update the referenced requirements.


Clear the open requirement sets and link sets, and close the open models without saving changes.

bdclose all;

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