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Class: slreq.Reference
Namespace: slreq

Navigate from imported referenced requirement to original requirement




navigateToExternalArtifact(ref) navigates to the requirement in the external document that corresponds to the imported referenced requirement, ref.


To enable navigation to external documents from referenced requirements that were imported from ReqIF™ files, you must register a navigation callback function by using slreq.registerNavigationFcn.

Input Arguments

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Referenced requirement, specified as a slreq.Reference object.


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This example shows how to navigate from an imported referenced requirement to the original requirement in a Microsoft® Word document.

Load the crs_req requirement set.

rs = slreq.load("crs_req");

Get a handle to the referenced requirement with the index 2.

ref = find(rs,Index=2);

Navigate to the original requirement that corresponds to the referenced requirement in the Microsoft Word document.


Alternative Functionality


You can also use the Requirements Editor to navigate to the requirement in the external document. Select a referenced requirement, and, in the right pane, under Properties, click Show in document.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a