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Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Model

Since R2023b

This example shows how to model a power-split hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) with a simple rule-based controller for speed tracking simulation. You can download this model in MATLAB® or access it from MATLAB Central File Exchange and GitHub®.

Example Overview

In this example, you learn how to use referenced subsystems to:

  • Build and test models of physical components such as the motor, engine, and power-split device individually.

  • Integrate the component models into a complete model of a vehicle system.

For more information about this example, follow these steps to explore the overview that opens in your web browser or see Hybrid Electric Vehicle Model in Simscape (MATLAB Central File Exchange). For more information about referenced subsystems, see Create and Use Referenced Subsystems in Models.

Download Files

Clone the up-to-date repository in the current folder using the gitclone function.


Alternatively, choose one of these options. You can download the latest files and versions of the project that are compatible with earlier releases of MATLAB using these options.

Open Project

After you use the gitclone function, MATLAB creates a new folder in the current folder. This example uses projects to manage the supporting files. Open the HybridElectricVehicle project file. If you have any projects open, MATLAB closes them before loading this project. An overview opens in your web browser that helps you explore subsystems and the construction of the model. The overview also shows you the main simulation results.


Explore Project

Open the model. The HEV model consists of components such as the longitudinal vehicle, power-split drive unit with an internal combustion engine and two electric motors, DC-DC converter, high-voltage battery, and hybrid powertrain controller. By default, the model uses abstract components in referenced subsystems. The model runs faster than real-time on typical desktop computers.


The power-split HEV is a series-parallel hybrid system that has a planetary gear to split the power from a combustion engine to drive the axle and generate electrical power. This picture is a high-level schematic of the power-split drive unit where the motor-generator 1 (MG1) and the engine are connected to the planetary gear, and MG2 and the planetary gear link together via a reduction gear which is connected to the axle.


Run the model and click the Open Scope button on the top-level model canvas to view the simulation results.

To find the latest examples from the MathWorks Simscape Team, see MathWorks Simscape Team on MATLAB Central.

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