Vectors and Matrices

Nonscalar values

Vectors and matrices combine separate scalar data into a single, multidimensional signal. Modify individual elements or perform arithmetic on entire vectors and matrices. In C charts, use MATLAB® functions to perform standard matrix multiplication and division.


Vectors and Matrices in Stateflow Charts

Process multidimensional input and output signals.

Add Vector and Matrix Data

Define and initialize vectors and matrices.

Supported Operations for Vectors and Matrices

Perform mathematical computations on vector and matrix operands.

Declare Variable-Size Data in Stateflow Charts

Define inputs and outputs whose size can change at run time.

Convert Scalars to Nonscalars by Using Scalar Expansion

Use scalar expansion to match the dimensions of vector or matrix data.

Find Patterns in Data Transmission by Using Vectors

Implement a frame synchronization controller.

Calculate Motion by Using Matrices

Simulate the opening shot on a pool table.

Featured Examples