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Formula Manipulation and Simplification

Simplify or modify expressions, substitute parts of expressions

Transform your expression into the particular form you require (expanded, factored, or expressed in particular terms) by choosing the appropriate function. See Choose Function to Rearrange Expression. If you just need a simpler expression, use simplify. You also can substitute for any part of an expression with another value by using subs.

Live Editor Tasks

Simplify Symbolic ExpressionSimplify symbolic expressions in Live Editor


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simplifyAlgebraic simplification
simplifyFractionSimplify symbolic rational expressions
subexprRewrite symbolic expression in terms of common subexpressions

Polynomials & Fractions

coeffsCoefficients of polynomial
expandExpand expressions and simplify inputs of functions by using identities
hornerHorner nested polynomial representation
numdenExtract numerator and denominator
partfracPartial fraction decomposition

Rewriting & Decomposition

childrenSubexpressions or terms of symbolic expression
collectCollect coefficients
combineCombine terms of identical algebraic structure
composeFunctional composition
displayFormulaDisplay symbolic formula from string
divisorsDivisors of integer or expression
isolateIsolate variable or expression in equation
lhsLeft side (LHS) of equation
mapSymTypeApply function to symbolic subobjects of specific type
rewriteRewrite expression in terms of another function
rhsRight side (RHS) of equation
subexprRewrite symbolic expression in terms of common subexpressions
subsSymbolic substitution


Choose Function to Rearrange Expression

Several functions are available to manipulate expressions. Understand which function to use.

Simplify Symbolic Expressions

Simplifying symbolic expressions, including assumptions and additional options.

Substitute Variables in Symbolic Expressions

Substitute variables with other variables, numbers, vectors, or matrices.

Evaluate Symbolic Expressions Using subs

Evaluate expressions and functions after their variables are assigned values.

Developing an Algorithm for Undistorting an Image

This example develops a mathematical model using the Symbolic Math Toolbox to undistort an image and features a local function in the live script.

Abbreviate Common Terms in Long Expressions

Simplify the display of long expressions by abbreviating common terms.

Featured Examples