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Use Interface Editor in Views

This example shows how to use the Interface Editor tool directly from the Architecture Views Gallery to add and edit interfaces using the context of a subset of components from the top model.

Launch Interface Editor in Views

Launch the keyless entry system project.


After launching the keyless entry system project, the KeylessEntryArchitecture architecture model opens.

  1. To launch the Architecture Views Gallery tool, on the System Composer™ toolstrip of the KeylessEntryArchitecture architecture model, from the Modeling tab, click Architecture Views.

  2. In the View Browser, select the Top Level Components view.

  3. To dock the Interface Editor tool below your view, on the Architecture Views Gallery toolstrip, from the Design section, click Interface Editor.

  4. To highlight ports, in the Interface Editor tool, expand Interfaces.sldd, right-click the KeyFOBPosition interface and select Highlight port(s) using this interface. The KeyFOBPosition interface is assigned to these ports.

Top Level Components view with Key FOB Position interface highlighted in the Interface Editor.

Add and Edit Data Elements to Data Interfaces Using Interface Editor

To further describe the data interface KeyFOBPositon while considering a subset of components in your architecture view, you can add descriptive data elements to your data interface.

  1. On the Interface Editor, from your Top Level Components view, select the KeyFOBPosition data interface.

  2. Add two data elements by clicking the add element button twice. Name the first data element radialDist to represent the distance the FOB is from the electronic keyless system. The radialDist element should be of Type double, Dimensions 1, and Units m for meters. Name the second data element isInsideVehicle to represent whether the FOB is inside or outside of the vehicle. The isInsideVehicle element should be of Type boolean and Dimensions 1.

Two new interface elements under the interface Key FOB Position called radial distance and is inside vehicle.

You can also edit interfaces or elements from the Interface Properties or Interface Element Properties tab on the right of the Architecture Views Gallery.

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