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Channel Display Widgets

Display custom visualizations on the private and public channel views. Widgets provide configurable improvements to your channels without having to write code.

Field Value Gauge

The field value gauge shows the present value of a field on an analog display. The needle position indicates the present value on the range determined by the gauge settings. You can add color coded regions to differentiate the gauge positions. Widgets created in the private view of your channel are private. Public widgets can be generated on the public view of your channel.

Create a Gauge

  1. Select Channels > My Channels, and select the private or public view of your channel. Widgets generated on the private view of the channel are private. Widgets generated on the public view are public.

  2. Click Add Widgets.

  3. Select the Gauge widget, and set the gauge options.

Gauge Options

  • Title: The title is displayed on the title bar for your gauge visualization.

  • Field: Select the field used to determine the gauge value. Only enabled fields show in this list. You can enable fields in the Channel Settings.

  • Min: Specify the minimum gauge value as an integer.

  • Max: Specify the maximum gauge value as an integer.

  • Display Value: Check this box to show the numeric field value on the gauge.

  • Units: Specify the units to be displayed as a label below the gauge.

  • Tick Interval: Specify the separation between tick marks on the gauge, as an integer value. To ensure readability, the maximum number of ticks is 32.

  • Update Interval: Specify an integer value in seconds for the gauge widget to read the field value and update the display.

  • Range Indicators: Add custom colors for ranges on your gauge. Enter the maximum and minimum values for the range, and choose the color. Use the “+” icon to add more colored ranges. Ranges can overlap, but the lower range overwrites the preceding ranges.

Share a Widget

You can share a widget created on the public view of your page.

  1. Select Channels > My Channels, and select the Public View of your channel.

  2. Click Add Widgets and adjust the widget options.

  3. Click the popout icon on the top of the widget frame.

  4. Your browser opens the widget in a new window. Copy the URL from the address bar. The URL has the form shown here. You can share the URL with anyone you want to see your public gauge.<channelID>/widgets/<widgetID>

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