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Visualize Data

Transform and visualize data in MATLAB®

Use the MATLAB Visualizations app to visualize data in a ThingSpeak™ channel. You can view and explore data using interactive visualizations such as an area plot, line plot, or scatter plot in static visualizations using other MATLAB plots. You can also make visualizations public and use the URL to embed them on websites. ThingSpeak also allows you to use MATLAB to analyze your data. The MATLAB Analysis and MATLAB Visualizations apps provide code templates to assist you with basic operations on your historic or live data. Use code template tutorials to get started with ThingSpeak. Use the apps to convert from one unit to another, compare different or similar data on the same plot, or visualize the statistical distribution of your data.

You can Add Functions to Scripts (MATLAB) in MATLAB Analysis and Visualization apps to allow for modular coding. In addition to the built-in MATLAB functions, you can also use functions from the toolboxes mentioned in Access MATLAB Add-On Toolboxes.


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Create ChartGenerate a chart with HTTP GET


Add Visualizations to Your Channel or Your Website

MATLAB Visualizations App

Visualize the data in a channel.

Channel Display Widgets

Choose among customizable visualizations of channel data.

Embed Your ThingSpeak Plots on Web Pages

You can use your ThingSpeak plot that updates automatically on any website.

Embed a Chart

Embed ThingSpeak charts on a custom website.

Show Channel Map

Visually Compare Data of Different Types

Plot Temperature and Wind Speed on Two Different Axes

Use a code template to read two fields and create a ThingSpeak plot with two independent y axes.

Visualize Correlation Between Temperature and Humidity

Use a code template to generate a scatter plot for two different data types read from a public ThingSpeak channel.

Visually Compare Data of the Same Type

Use Area Plot to Compare Traffic Data Sets

Visualize traffic distribution for eastbound and westbound highway car-count data

Compare Temperature Data from Three Different Days

Compare three series of temperature data read from a public ThingSpeak channel.

Visualize Time Series Data

Use Histogram to Understand Variation in Data

Plot the variation in temperature data read from a public ThingSpeak channel.

Visualize Directional Data with Compass Plot

See the variation in wind direction over a collection of measurements on a compass plot.