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Analyzing Weather Data from an Arduino-based weather station

Analyze data from a weather station connected to ThingSpeak



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This example illustrates how to analyze data from a weather station connected to ThingSpeak, an IoT analytics platform. The data is visualized and analyzed in MATLAB. The example shows how to visualize wind speed and direction, calculate and plot dew point, and verify pressure trends. It also demonstrates some techniques to remove outlier data and fill in missing data.
This example requires the user to first install the MATLAB Support for ThingSpeak which is available here:
For more information on IoT andThingSpeak, see the following resource pages:

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Vivek Asati

Andrei Bosco

The example is not up to date with current Thingspeak Support Toolbox. Ex.: function thingSpeakFetch is now called thingSpeakRead, and DateRange argument works differently.


Daniel (view profile)


Updated description.

Updated license


Added new resource link in description.


Updated description text.


Updated File for initial release.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

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