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Getting Started with ThingSpeak

Basic ThingSpeak Workflow

Collect Data in a New Channel

Learn how to create a channel, collect data, and write it to a new channel.

Analyze Your Data

Learn how to analyze and visualize data using MATLAB®.

Act on Your Data

Set threshold limits on data to send a tweet under certain conditions.

Calculate and Analyze with MATLAB Analysis

Calculate and Display Average Humidity

Calculate the average humidity over the last 60 minutes from the Natick weather station.

Calculate Wind Chill and Update Channel

Read data from MathWorks weather station and calculate wind chill at regular intervals.

Convert Temperature Units

Convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius and from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

See your Data with MATLAB Visualizations

Use a Histogram to Understand Variation in Data

Plot the variation in temperature data read from a public ThingSpeak™ channel.

Visualize Directional Data with Compass Plot

See the variation in wind direction over a collection of measurements on a compass plot.

Use Area Plot to Compare Traffic Data Sets

Visualize traffic distribution for eastbound and westbound highway car-count data

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