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Modeling Driveline Systems with Simscape

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This course focuses on modeling mechanical systems for automotive applications in the Simulink® environment using Simscape Driveline™ (formerly SimDriveline™).

Topics include:

  • Modeling vehicle bodies and tires
  • Designing and optimizing braking systems
  • Designing mechanical power transmission mechanism
  • Creating multidomain automotive models with closed-loop controllers

Day 1 of 1

Introduction to Vehicle Modeling

Objective: Create and analyze vehicle body and tire models under various terrain, wind, and friction conditions.

  • Vehicle body modeling
  • Friction, wind, and terrain effects
  • Sensing physical quantities
  • Dividing model and measurements

Braking Systems

Objective: Model vehicle braking systems with built-in blocks and custom Simscape language components.

  • Simscape Driveline brake blocks
  • Measuring wheel quantities
  • Custom brake model

Transmission Mechanisms

Objective: Build and test mechanical power transmission systems in Simscape Driveline.

  • Actuating models with power sources
  • Building driveline mechanisms
  • Creating a multispeed transmission

Multidomain Drive and Control

Objective: Connect mechanical automotive models to other physical domains in Simscape and create realistic closed-loop control strategies.

  • DC motor drive
  • PWM actuation
  • Closed-loop speed control

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day

Languages: 日本語

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