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Is USRP® hardware supported in prior releases ?

I would like to develop algorithms to run on an USRP hardware. Is this supported in prior releases ?

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 26 May 2017
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Please follow the following steps to download support package for prior release

 For R2012b:


1.Type “targetinstaller” at the MATLAB command prompt, launching Target     Installer. 
2.Choose the internet option, and select “USRP® Radio” from the list of     options.
3.Target installer automatically downloads and installs the support package.


 For R2012a: 


MATLAB and Simulink Support Package: (Version 3.0.1)<   >
USRP® Hardware Binary Downloads: (Release 003.002.003)
  -USRP® N210 
  -hardware targeting
  -Burst mode
  -System object code generation
  -Fix for installation problems


 For R2011b: 


MATLAB and Simulink Support Package: (Version 2.1)
USRP® Hardware Binary Downloads: (Release 003.002.003)<>
 -New QPSK demos
 -Support for USRP® N210 hardware, revision 4


 For R2011a: 


MATLAB and Simulink Support Package: (Version 1.0)
USRP® Hardware Binary Downloads: (Release 003.000.001)
 -First Support for UHD

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Answer by Qohat Pretel on 28 Feb 2015

I have the same problem, i can't install the support package of Android's sensors... Please help me i tried of a lot of ways

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The Android sensor support package for MATLAB was shipped with MATLAB starting R2014a. Please refer to the documentation at the following page.

For previous releases, see: Android Sensor Support for R2013b and Earlier.

You should be able to install the support package using the steps similar to the above solution.

If you are still not able to download the support package, please contact the MathWorks Technical Support at:

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